Sticking It To The Man

I decided to document my finances this month, for one month.

I know.  “Really, Matt?  REALLY?”

I think about how much I earn and how much I think I spend, and somewhere in between is all my money.  I mean, where does our money go?  You know?  We say it goes to rent and bills and such, but for me, my rent is about $325/month (please remember me having roommates and living like a college student), and my bills are always less than $100/month combined.  Ok, not including phone bill, but still.  That’s nothing.  So, after I added it all up, I realized I was spending less than $600/month on all expenses I need per month minus comida (for the Spanish language-challenged, that’s food).

WHAT AM I SPENDING MY DINERO ON!?  And if I have to translate dinero, then you need to exit my blog immediately, kthnxbi.

I created a rough Excel spreadsheet, and I’m coming home from work and entering all the things I spent money on that day.  Everything.  Which, working doubles daily isn’t much, but still, an iced coffee from Starfucks still goes on the list.  So for one month I’ll be sticking it to the man (the man = me), but not alter my normal spending, so that I can determine what sort of abyss my money is falling into.  I’ll let you know how that goes.

On another note, I have been thinking about my travels around Europe when I lived there.  I have several entries on Myspace or Facebook or MyTwitFace, whichever it is, filled with pictures and colorful accounts of my experiences, and I thought about bringing them to this blog, so if I decide to, every so often I’ll upload a day in my life there just for kicks I guess.  That way it’s not all doom-and-gloom with this blog.

Because let’s face it.  I have sounded negative!  At least I think so.  Of course, life isn’t all smiles and bright colors.  But that doesn’t make it negative either.  So maybe I shouldn’t say that.

ANYHOW, yeah, today is a short blog.  I don’t have the energy to say a ton.  I work mañana, imagine that, so I need to get a partial night’s sleep.

Ciao for now!

© Copyright 2009 Matt Lawrence


~ by Matt Lawrence on September 11, 2009.

3 Responses to “Sticking It To The Man”

  1. I lived in Japan where I had a ton of money and no where to spend it and now I live in AMUUURIKA with plenty of places to spend it if only I were making it. :/ Im happy to read that you arent changing anything to see where your cash is going. I am (or once was) guilty of feeling guilty that I had mishandled my munnys and totally restricted down my spending to get myself in order. That method = FAIL.

    It is the little things that we do and dont notice that get us. If I may offer a suggestion>> instead of tossing your change into whatever charity box or tip jar that is near a register, take your change home and put it in a jar. I think you did it before so now it is time to do it again. You can chuck a couple of dollars that way by being absent-mindedly unconscious of what you are doing. Save your change!

  2. I don’t know Matt…using an excel spreadsheet. Sounds like you are back at your desk at WilTel. 🙂 I do have a couple of open positions if you are interested! Still like the blog! And I was thinking of picking a Friday or Monday to come visit…does one work better?

    • haha Well, when I was there, it was still Williams Communications. I was kicked out on my ass before the WilTel bit. EITHER WAY, Excel beats what I was going to do. lol As for a couple positions open, what sort of position are you in now to have that going? And Mondays are easier to work out for me. It’d rock to see ya!

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