Minimalism In The Aftermath

I added up how much I have saved since the fourth of this month, which, if you recall, is when I started to record every single penny I earn and spend.  I was pleasantly surprised to see I had saved up almost $1,800.  It is encouraging since I have been working so fucking much I think in menus and and position numbers.  And I was supposed to have Sunday off, but of course, it didn’t turn out that way.  Apparently I have to work.  So, I had off Labor Day, and now per the new schedules for both jobs, I work until next Saturday.  What is that, 846 days in a row?  Something like that.  I’m sure next Saturday, I won’t know how to count anymore anyhow.  Hell, I probably won’t know what day it is.

But I have to believe there is a point to this madness of my life right now.  I am saving the money, spending the normal expenses as I said before, which typically aren’t a ton anyhow.  But maybe after a bit more time, I’ll have an amount saved up that is what I need.

SIDENOTE:  Tonight at work, I had about 60 people in my section, and almost all of them came in at once.  Literally.  And I’m running around, TRAINING a new server, and trying to keep the madness organized, and might I add, kicking some ass at it.  Ok, I wasn’t perfect, but show me the server who would be.  ANYhow, blah blah, point is, this family of whores, I mean of four, came in and they started bitching about how things were taking too long.  I’m like, ya fucking hookers, do you see the 80 gazillion people who came in with you?  Furthermore, how’s food taking a while MY fault?  You expect me to go griddle you up yo foodz?  The nerve of people.  Total twats.  SO DON’T FUCKING BE A TWAT TO YOUR SERVERS!   El fin.

Now, onto minimalism.  I am a minimalist.  I hate having a lot of stuff.  I like the idea of being able to up and leave without baggage.  Read into that as you will.  I have been going through everything I own, and getting rid of so much stuff.  Of course, that means my bedroom is the aftermath of a Level 5 tornado.  But in the pursuit of having the least amount of stuff possible in my life, I am contemplating buying a shelving system for the crap I need to keep.  And I thought about buying a closet organization system.  And a desk.  WTF?!  Am I just being ridiculous?  Especially since I’m also trying to save?

It’s like I have 47 goals, and I pursue them all at once.  And when they conflict with each other, all goes aftermath.  :/  Man, I need to buy a shelving organization system for MY FUCKING BRAINPAN!

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~ by Matt Lawrence on September 13, 2009.

3 Responses to “Minimalism In The Aftermath”

  1. Oh, when you find a shelving organization system (S.O.S.) for your super-mega-thought-highways, could you see if they have them in red or maybe laminated in PEACE? Thanks.

    You know how I feel about minimalism and the great desire to look at a near empty room and be at peace. Put me in a spacious tatami room with a window, light fixture and maaaaybe, a table and throw pillows. I WILL NOT come out!

    I hope you attain the level of peace you desire in ownage of things and minimalism of objects and stuffs. I hope to get to that point, too, but will hafta sever the emotional attachments I have to a lot of the things I have.

    *Hate when people all get antsy and demanding at restaurants. I wonder how many of those people end up with spit in their food or the crappy version of what they ordered. Sheesh*

  2. uh, what about those dvds????

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