Another Goal Bites The Dust

So as usual, I have worked one million and six doubles.  This comes as absolutely no surprise to you.  But today I had a morning off!  I didn’t have to be to work till later on in the day.  SO, I marched my ass over to the Social Security Administration office and got a number and sat down to wait my turn.  As you have read, I need a replacement card so I can apply for my NY State Driver’s License since my California license expired on my birthday.  Per law here, I have one year after expiration to replace the license, else I have to take the driver’s tests again.  Yes, including the actual driving test I was told.  I found that ironic since NO ONE in NYC can drive.  I don’t just mean that most people don’t have a license since it’s not necessary with our kick-ass metro system.  I mean, even those who have licenses still can’t drive for shit.

So I was sitting there for about a half hour, waiting.  Waiting.  I noticed a line of people, but they were also calling numbers over the intercom.  Finally after about the aforementioned half hour, I asked an attendant lady with a major attitude about the line.  She tells me I was supposed to be in the line.  Of course.  Once I was in the line, I was there for a half hour.  Ironic, eh?  When I finally got to the window, I finished my business (no, I don’t mean pissing on anything), and left.

In 10 days I’ll have my card and be en route to fixing one more mess in my life!  Me is proud de moi!  lol  Another goal bites the dust, in a good way!

On another note, I have been able to save some serious money.  Well, serious for me.  Lord knows, to all of you, I have only saved pocket change.  BUT I’m at $2,332 after two weeks.  This is net savings, which, yes, means after all expenses, bills, per diem, etc.

My goal by end of work Saturday night:  $3,000

Now, of course, with all the messes I’m trying to solve in my nuclear disaster of a life, the question of priority arises.  How much do I save, and what is paid first?  Lord knows, you have already been slapped in the face with my financial woes, carefully enumerated.  But in case you are just now joining, and are reading in NON-LINEAR order (which you shouldn’t be doing because I said so), I owe about $90,000 to the damn bitch Sallie Mae (school loans), about $9,000 to pay off my car (which I sadly haven’t driven in three years?  four years?  Yes, I know, I know), and about $6,000 to a stupid credit card I am told I owed from the year 2000 (that has all but doubled due to legal fees from lawyers on their side looking for payment while I was in Europe not receiving mail, thus not knowing it was happening).  Outside those debts, I need to have a root canal done, five caps put on five teeth that had root canals (this statement being fully accurate after I have the fifth root canal done), one cavity filled, and an overall physical done.

I’m not sure how yet to prioritize any of that.  I know many of you think I should sell the car, but frankly, I am deeply attached to it.  I love my car.  And it’s in excellent condition, at least in terms of the body.  Now, after sitting a spell in the garage, yes, the engine will need an overhaul, which, yes, means more dinero.  If I keep the car, I can take great road trips, which I have been wanting to do for ages.  If I get rid of it, I won’t have to think about insurance and gas.  In NYC, I won’t drive it, that I know.  Maybe here and there to haul something cumbersome or get groceries.  Ugh, I don’t know.

For now, and for this series of messes, I’m just biding time and saving.  I’ll decide I guess when I get to the point where I must decide.  Does anyone have any logic to hurl my way?  I’m listening.

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~ by Matt Lawrence on September 16, 2009.

11 Responses to “Another Goal Bites The Dust”

  1. rent a car for road trips. thats a serious waste of cash. figure out if it makes more sense to fix the car and sell it, or just get rid of it as is. get rid of the car and give that money to the bank. use the 3,000 for the credit card company. next 3 k goes toward taking care of your teeth and a physical.

  2. I am with Stephanie 100% that is exactly what I was going to say… the best is to pay from smallest to largest… and yes I know you love the car but you will love another for sure 🙂 We totally need to find 2 seconds in our lives to hang out! Have a great day.

  3. You are a hard working machine this month, aren’t you? Awesome to read how you are meeting your money goals. You realize at this rate you could be at $10K well before Christmas? Dare I say Thanksgiving?

    I think that you already have but you need to make a solid list of what you will use your cash for. First and foremost– your teeth and your physical (and glucose test). I’d go with ya like I did before but I am not there so you’ll hafta get stuck with that needle all by yourself. Ha.

    You know my thots about the car so all you hafta do is take care of you and work outward.

    • Man, I hope so. I need that much and more! And, yes, I know your thoughts on the car. And I do understand them.

  4. are you sick matt? whats up with the glucose test thing?

    • No no, but thanks for asking. Diabetes runs in my family, my grandmother died way earlier from it, and my dad developed it at like 29 or 30, so I’m just being careful, and glucose testing is a way to make sure my blood sugar is going well. At last it was 94 points out of the 0 to 200 range, so I was very good to go. Fun with fun with the children paying for the sins of the fathers! haha

  5. ouch … five root canals?

  6. sorry if redundant … five root canals? your dentist is your friend!

  7. still don’t see a post … internet connection is dodgy here in africa ….

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