I’m In!

I have never before written a blog.  For those of you who write these, or read them, you probably know more than I do.  Please tell me, is this blog boring?  Should I be doing something different?  Writing differently?  I’m open to feedback.  It’s all about improvement.  I’m not trying to waste your time or mine with dumb writing.  🙂

Now, onto progress.  Today, I’m in at the gym I previously mentioned.  I wasn’t sure if I would be “approved” since I didn’t have two valid forms of ID.  I have a passport that’s valid, but my drivers license, as you may recall, is expired.  I’m in the process of getting a new one for New York.  But that didn’t stop me.

I went down to the gym.  It has a pool, which I’m very excited to use.  I started the sign-up process, fully prepared to flirt, play the dumb blond, whatever I had to do to get in without having to wait 3-4 more weeks for my license.  Well, as irony would have it, when I said I wanted to sign up, the lady asked for a form of ID.  I pulled out the passport and thought maybe she wouldn’t ask for a second.  She didn’t.  I went through the process, and at the end, not once did she even look at the passport.  Not once.  All that planning for nothing.  I was like, wow, fun that.

BUT, I have a membership, for $75, for a year, with a pool, and I can go there on my work breaks.  Yes, I rock.  It’s cool.  You can say it.  Say it to yourself if you want, sitting there at your computer.  haha

I accomplished another goal I mentioned.  I reached $3,000, and it’s not even Saturday night yet, which was my end-time.  I feel accomplished.  Now, I have to change the goal.

New goal: $4,000 by end of Saturday, September 25th.

Maybe I’m too ambitious, but hey, I have one life.  I have almost died a couple times.  So I’m going to devour it all.  Anyone have a napkin?

Right now, I feel good about pursuing my goals, but I am betwixt a couple of perspectives.  The first, I want to achieve my goals quickly.  I don’t want to wait for years.  It’s my signature impatience.  The second, I am learning to enjoy the process of goal-attainment.  Clearly, I know I need to go with Door #2, but still.  In the back of my mind, I envision this powerhouse man I am working toward becoming, a real master of my life.  I’m excited to get there!

I researched tonight two educational tracks I want to pursue.  The first is a major in both French and in Spanish.  I have a minor in Spanish now, 18 credits in.  I would have to start at all needed credits for French.  What I need to find out is what I can get cleared through transfer credits.  I mean, shit, I have an undergraduate degree in international business.  I am so not bothering with starting all over with Comm 101 and English 203 and American History 31-who-gives-a-fuck.  If I can attain a degree without all that, then I’ll do it.

The second track, I listed.  EMT training.  I found one link that is pretty interesting.  I can train for free if I’m even a volunteer with an ambulance or with the fire department.  I’ll check those out.  I am also checking out the Red Cross for training possibilities.

So I feel like I’m entering a phase of my life that excites me with the new possibilities, things I want to learn, and it’s truly up to me to learn them!  So, let’s see where this goes.

Let’s see how I can start to save myself now!  🙂  *ominous laughter ensues*

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~ by Matt Lawrence on September 18, 2009.

4 Responses to “I’m In!”

  1. If you can score free EMT training then by all means DO IT! The city of New York will love you for it. Also, you will be volunteering for a noble cause and you might even find more goals to pursue after you have trained and spoken to men and women who do that for a living.

    You know you can get a degree in languages at anytime. Heck, you can go to a language school for a month and get a certificate but I don’t think that’s the kind of acknowledgment you want. I suppose you are going to have to look into why you want a degree in the above languages and what you will use them for. Might as well have an action ready for when the goal is complete. I suppose I should think on the same thing…if I got a degree in Japanese just what would I do with it. For sure I’d be in it to be proficient and I’d be all about the lit and history. Hmmm.

    You keep writing your blog like you are doing it. Toss some links in there that you may want us to check out. Also, any books you have read, please do suggest them. You can become an Amazon.com affiliate and get perks for suggesting books. 🙂

    The stars are the limit…and you ROCK!

  2. yay swimming!

    tried posting earlier but it didn’t work …

  3. http://www.emergencycareny.com/ offers EMT training, with classes starting in October. You should check out their program.

    • JJ, thanks a lot! I checked out the site just now, and it looks like a great program. And rather affordable! I saw the different start times and locations, so I will put all that into the mix of things I’m sorting through right now to see which would work best.

      Again, thank you!

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