I’z Uh Big Spenduh, Yo!

Yeah, I totally took my goal to save money, and hurled the bitch over the mountain side.  Completely drop-kicked it today.

I started out the day in a line at the DMV.  That was a joy.  I was only in line for a couple of HOURS I’LL NEVER GET BACK!  But needless to say, after a bad photo, a joke of an eye exam, a reduction of money in the amount of $60.75, and memories of a line that never ended, I am now in the process of waiting for my NY state license to arrive via post.

I’m getting my New York State license!  Another goal bites the dust!

After leaving the DMV, I found out I had the night off since we were slow, so I went home.  I ended up thinking about things for the apartment I have wanted to buy to make general home living better.  Not that I live in the slums, because I have a nice place, but I decided to go buy the things on my mental list that’s been there for ages.  So I went to Target for round one.

I bought a new shelving unit for the shower stall since bottles are all over the place.  I also bought a new shower head, one that’s new, not old, not clogged up, and this new one happened to be much wider for a good price.  So now I have a waterfall idea going on, with massage!  I also bought a toilet paper hook thingy since before the roll was on the back of the toilet, and sometimes on the floor when it fell.  And finally, I bought a new anti-fog shaving mirror with razor hook since my last one is about 77 years old and is so not anti-fog anymore.

I came home and assembled and ratcheted and sawed and MacGyver’d my way into getting it all put up, and might I say, it’s hawt.  🙂  Then I tried to put on the shower head, and realized I couldn’t find the pliers to tighten it, so I figured I would have to wait.  Then I found a pair of Nike sunglasses with interchangeable lens that I wore from back in 2001, and had sitting in my car glove compartment.  Since I never check there, I forgot about them, but they had broken, too, so I never cared.  But I found them, and decided to glue them and use them.  That meant super glue.  So between that and pliers, I made round two to Target.  I bought a couple food items, and left, thus totaling about $130 I spent there today.

Then, once home and finishing my home improvement projects, which again, are awesome, I decided to research flight prices.  A great buddy of mine invited me to Germany and Switzerland over the New Year, so I checked out flights.  I fought one on one of my two favorite airlines, and the round-trip ticket for a two-week vacation was only $610, all-inclusive!  So I bought that, too.

Finally, I paid off my credit card balance I owed.  It’s my first payment on the low-balance card I took out so that I could repair my credit from a second direction, the first direction being paying off these debts I have from a fucking decade ago.  So, I’m on my way to improved credit finally!

Also, I followed up with Sallie Whore (Sallie Mae, for those of you without a sense of humor), and got my loans forbore.  I think what will be best for me right now is to apply for a year deferment, and then in that year, save a killer amount, and do the investing I mentioned in an earlier blog, and start paying back the loans via that channel.  If I pay on the loans timely each month for three years straight uninterrupted by deferments and forbearances, I will receive a reduction in my interest rate by 1%, so it’ll go from 3.125% to 2.125%.  I mean, why not, right?

In the end, today, I was a ridiculously big spender.  I DROPPED A FUCKING GRAND!  What is that?  So much for saving my $4,000+.  lol  I have rent still due, and bills, but after that, I’m back to saving every dime again.  Especially since now I also have a big trip coming up to Europe where maybe I can toss in a couple day trips to Amsterdam or Brussels or Copenhagen!  I’m so excited!

Anyhow, I feel like I was productive today, and that I made more improvements in my life.  Step by step, even when the steps look minuscule, I am getting to my overall life goal.  And it’s becoming more and more exciting.  Regardless of past bitching in blogs, I really feel so optimistic about my future.


© Copyright 2009 Matt Lawrence


~ by Matt Lawrence on September 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “I’z Uh Big Spenduh, Yo!”

  1. Doesn’t it feel to get things done?? SAY YES. These are YOUR things and you are the one enjoying them 100%. Pat yourself on the back for completing these tasks! You are that much closer to scratching off goals from your list, babe! w00t!! Remain optimistic. Don’t let anything put out your fire! You can and will ace all this!

  2. Matt, yay for you! A vacation is quite in the necessary category for you. I’m glad you bought a ticket. 🙂

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