Profit & Loss Report, Matt Lawrence, Inc., 09/09

I have finally calculated the month-long income and expense report for September 2009.  On one hand, I’m surprised by some expenses.  On the other, I’m surprised some expenses weren’t worse.


  • Job #1:  $2,034
  • Job #2:  $3,521


  • Food and Drink (non-alcoholic):  $398
  • Bills (all-inclusive, not rent):  $410
  • Rent:  $325
  • Laundry:  $30
  • Transportation (including metro card):  $121
  • Entertainment (movies, etc.):  $32
  • Work Shoes:  $65
  • Wine (bottles):  $108
  • Alcohol (non-wine):  $54
  • Sex Toys:  $16
  • Books:  $35
  • Putting Money on Pre-Paid Credit Card:  $200
  • Check-Cashing Fee:  $24
  • Furniture and House Needs:  $1,415
  • Bank Deposit:  $25
  • Money Lent Out:  $10
  • Drivers License Fee:  $61
  • Plane Ticket to Europe:  $610
  • Calculation Errors (unaccounted):  $89

So in one month, I earned from two jobs a grand whopping total of $5,555.  That number makes me laugh.  haha  Somehow I lost $89, whether I miscounted or dropped money or forgot an expense or snorted coke with a bill, WHATEVER it was.  I felt like I spent so much money going out with friends and all that, but then I look, and I see I didn’t do jack shit.  What I did do was spend money on alcohol and take it home with me apparently.  Now, admittedly, the $1,415 in furniture and housing needs are all expenses that are one-time.  Fortunately.  I bought a great, three-piece living room set for a grand, and $150 more went to a new futon mattress and cover, then the rest went to shelves.  Also, the $610 to Europe, well, that’s clearly one-time.

I was really surprised that I spent less than $400 on food and drink (coffee, included), but I guess it makes sense since I can eat family meal at both jobs, and drink coffee at both as well.

So of $4,028 that is the sum of all the expenses, $2,421 (approximately) is comprised of one-time expenses.  That means I can expect to have $1,607 in monthly expenses, all-inclusive.  I find that odd since I estimated, what?  $600 in monthlies minus food when I started this blog?  Of course, extra expenses for monthlies here include paying a couple hundred to my credit card, assuming I use it fully monthly and pay it back completely that same month, which I have thought about doing so that I can build good credit.

So this has been a financial depiction in very short form of my month of September.  I need to figure out now where to trim, and if it’s possible.  Yes, the one-timers, they shouldn’t afflict me anymore, but we all know my list of needs earlier on, and it’s full of OTHER one-timers.  A new mouthful of teeth anyone?  Yeah.  That’s got break-the-bank written all over it.

What I was glad for is that the first job, which I’d love to transition out of, met my monthly needs, and I essentially have the second job to save, regardless of one-timers or not.  So that’s good.

Have any of you had successes trimming your budgets down?  What secrets can you divulge to help me?  Do you even have any secrets/ideas that you’d be willing to share?  I’m all ears.  Also, do you think I need to keep doing a detailed income and expense report like this for myself?  Maybe not to share anymore since what’d be the point, but at least for me?  Or should this serve as strong enough of a sample of my financials and then just do another month like this in, say, January?

This is the first time I have done this much in terms of recording budgets and such.  I’m surprised I made it this far.  Financial survival though, it is one of my goals!

Oh, and P.S., I forbore my student loans.  So I have some time there, too.

© Copyright 2009 Matt Lawrence


~ by Matt Lawrence on October 6, 2009.

3 Responses to “Profit & Loss Report, Matt Lawrence, Inc., 09/09”

  1. I think from now on you should just track where your cash is going and see where you have been diligent or loose in. This is how you plan for stuff. I’d urge you to start sanctioning money off into an emergency fund/envelope/shoebox. Some cash you lock away in case you hafta buy an emergency heater, plane ticket or what not. Having that without diving into your main savings will give you some room and not alter what you are saving up for. I’d say a grand would be cool or just even going to $500 for starters would be good.

    I am glad you were able to keep track of your budget. Some folks get very frustrated and quit. Knowing where your money goes and what you are doing with it are key. You are in control and keeping track and planning is how you get things done with your money.

  2. Remember the good ole days of Personal Financial Planning? Apparently not all was lost on you! Good job. I’m too scared to track my expenses. Target would go out of business if not for me.

  3. snort your coke with smaller bills….

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