Salt and Burn the Bones!

As readers know, I have been working on a couple of debts, one of which is a $6K credit card debt I am told I owe for a credit card I had back in 2000.  I found that sum to be bullshit since the card balance never exceeded $2K, but whatever, right?  This credit card from almost 10 years ago is seriously haunting me.  I watch “Supernatural” religiously, and Sam and Dean always say ghosts remain due to unfinished business.  So does anyone have their phone number?  Because I need them to salt and burn the bones of this mess.  I don’t want it coming back again to haunt me!

I was living in Barcelona, Spain, in May 2008, and that was the time when my bank account one day up and had a lien put against it, which was for me, out of nowhere.  Well, when I returned home to NYC in June of 2008, I saw all these letters from a law office who had taken the debt and tried to collect it.  They went to court, and since I didn’t show, they were awarded the lien.  I’m like, I WAS IN EUROPE, YA FUX!  Nonetheless, when I called, the idiot on the phone told me until I had $6K to pay them, the lien would remain, and they were completely unwilling to work out what the fuck this debt was.  Because again, to me, I remembered that credit card being paid off.  I closed it ages before once I realized me and credit cards were not going to be friends.

Now, I have progressed through the rest of 2008 and into 2009 with this lien on my account.  I haven’t had a well-paying enough job to afford a lawyer of my own to combat this retardation, and I wasn’t going to pay what I didn’t believe I owed.  So that left me using a pre-paid credit card for larger purchases like plane tickets (actually, there was only one of those).

I had called my bank several months ago after this happened, and they told me that the account would not be closed due to the lien.  It was illegal to do that.  Also, even if I let the balance drop below zero (they still charge “maintenance fees” even when you aren’t using the account), they still wouldn’t close it.  Of course, I still paid the account up to zero, tossing in a few bucks here and there, just to be safe.

Then about a week ago, I get a call from the bank saying I needed to make a deposit to bring my account to zero at least, or else the account was in danger of being closed.  Imagine my confusion.  I went down to the bank, and deposited like $25 or something.  But I wanted to make sure it was applied and all was well.  So, I checked the balance online the next day.  Now, since May of 2008, I have seen a balance of -$11,535 or something ludicrous.  The point of that balance wasn’t that I owed that much.  That was just a number to indicate my account was frozen except for deposits.  Well, when I logged in last week, my balance said a few bucks over.  I couldn’t figure that out, so I scrolled through the transactions on my accounts, which were nearly nonexistent for aforementioned reasons.  The lien wasn’t anywhere in the records all the way back to a year ago.  I don’t understand because it has been there up to this summer for sure, then being the last time I looked online at the dumb account.

Needless to say, I called the bank Saturday or Friday, and I explained the situation to the woman on the line, asked her what was going on.  In the past, they have seen the lien.  And if I had questions, they directed me to some department in the bank.  The lady I spoke with though saw nothing and knew nothing about a lien.  She had no idea what I was talking about.

Isn’t that odd?

The terms given me by the douchebag I spoke to back in June 2008 were not met because I refused to meet an obligation I didn’t owe.  Yet somehow the penalty vanished.  Does that make sense?

I’m going to call the bank Tuesday and see if I can discuss it with the department I was sent to before.  If they say the same thing, I suppose I’ll have to call the third party about this, the Law Offices of Douchebag and Dumbfuck.  I have a hard time thinking the issue was EMP’d out of existence, but maybe there was a time frame attached to the lien or something.

I have never been the type of person to get excited over something good happening.  It just comes with the territory of losing too much along the path of life.  Out of that is born the reaction not to encounter this situation and say, “Sweet!  I’m clear!” because I wonder why the lien vanished in the first place.  Like I said earlier, was there a time frame attached to it?  Did the frame expire?  Is it a glitch?  Does the lady I spoke to even know how to read the account?  If i use the account, will it still route all deposits to the Law Offices of Douchebag and Dumbfuck?  All these questions immediately popped into my mind when I saw the balance was no longer negative sixty-six billion.

Does this reaction make me negative myself?  Pessimistic?  Oh well.

I just don’t want to use the account and have all my hard-earned savings vanish due to a second attempt with the lien.  Especially right when I’m saving for Europe.  Or worse, WHEN I’m in Europe.  Wouldn’t that be some ass?

I’m so blackened by this burn of realizing that my money could be taken from me at any moment unless I stuff it in the freezer that I no longer feel a bank is secure.  Not that I was dumb enough to think it was my personal Fort Knox, but still.  One doesn’t expect to have his account locked from the other side.

So when I find out more, I’ll update you.

© Copyright 2009 Matt Lawrence


~ by Matt Lawrence on October 10, 2009.

4 Responses to “Salt and Burn the Bones!”

  1. I’d love you to post more about this. Right now. Things like this are happening to more and more people. my brother had something simular happen earlier this year with an old discover card he had. And they froze his account when the only money he had was what was being depositied from Unemployment because he got laid off last septemeber.

    • That sucks. I can really relate to him. Interestingly enough, this is from an old Discover card, too. I have had friends experience this sort of fallout or similar action recently, and as I delve into this more tomorrow when I call the bank and possibly even the third-party lawyers, I’ll post what I learn.

  2. Wow! this is crazy.

  3. well….don’t leave me in suspense…what happened next?

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