Let The Countdown Begin!

I fly to Europe in 56 days!

There is much to be accomplished.

I have decided I have several goals.  These are the ones I will list at the end of my blogs each time I write one, to update you, and to keep my wandering ass accountable.  I am at the first-listed point, and I want to reach the second-listed point by December 26th when I leave, so let’s just say by Christmas, and change.

  • $5,400 —> $10,000
  • Book One not fully edited —> Book One fully edited
  • 185 pounds —> 170 pounds
  • 23.7 BMI —> 21.8 BMI
  • chest: 42 inches  —> chest: 43 inches
  • shoulders: 47 inches  —> shoulders: 48 inches
  • arms: 12.25 inches  —> arms: 14 inches
  • waist (natural): 33 inches  —> waist: 31 inches
  • waist (belly button): 35.5 inches  —> waist: 32 inches
  • upper legs: 22 inches  —> upper legs: 21 inches
  • calves: 15.5 inches  —> calves: 15 inches

I want to get down to 170 pounds because then my BMI will be 21.8, which is in the middle of the “normal range” (18.5 – 24.9) for my height and weight.  No, I’m not doing this because I’ve become an anorexic model.  lol  It is, however, my personal goal.  I have in mind an idea of how I appear when I become the survivalist I want to be.  That’s where this comes into mind.  But, of course, I have about two months, so clearly I won’t reach that image by Christmas, but I can get started.

I would like to save ten grand, too, so that I have no worries about traveling in Europe, AND so that if it works out to move to another country to model in the spring, I’ll have plenty of money then, too.  In case you are wondering, at the moment, I am just playing it all by ear on the retiring or not thing with modeling.  I do think these goals should be feasible, only an inch or so of change in two months.  We’ll see.

I bought the iPhone about two weeks ago.  Yes, I buckled.  I held out for so long.  But I finally got one.  So far I have enjoyed it.  I have some great applications, too.  And guess what.  A few of them are survivalism-based apps.  lol  Great information so far that I have read on them, and so as I learn, I’ll share on here what I learn.  I hope in that effort, anyone else interested in survivalism might learn something as well.  Who knows what will be useful one day, right?  I found one for first aid and CPR, for a Navy SEAL training program, for learning to fix a car even.  Yes, I realize these apps are not a substitute for actual hands-on training, but I am sure I can absorb a lot and have a clue for when I dive into things for real.  Plus, Scrabble is a blast on it!  haha

These, folks, are some goals I have until Christmas.  So we’ll see how successful I am with the goals.  Yell at me if I fail, you hear me?  lol

© Copyright 2009 Matt Lawrence


~ by Matt Lawrence on November 1, 2009.

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