Switzerland, Day Three

My buddy and I laughed when we finally dragged ourselves from our beds this morning because we both went right to our computers and logged on, disheveled, hair awry, breath offensive.  But we had our priorities.

We chided each other over getting online, laughed, logged off, and set about breakfast.  As we ate, we decided to take a hike.  There was a path that routed up behind the cabin into the mountains on the foothills of which the village of Niederried sprawled lazily.  I bundled up since it was frosty outside, and we set out.

The path was actually a nice path, quite agreeable, one that lifted against the mountain face at a simple-to-trek FORTY-FIVE DEGREE ANGLE!  Haha  I laugh because I have hiked before, but I know I have lost some of my ability to hike as well as I have in the past since in NYC the only way to mimic hiking is, quite lamely, to climb the stairs of one’s office building, or take the train north an hour to Cold Spring or some other town along the Hudson.

Needless to say, while I can run miles without feeling ass-whooped, conquering a twenty-minute hike in the lower Alps did indeed kick my ass.  I was glad though because it was an indicator of where I was in terms of getting back in shape for hiking, which I do want to start up again in New York, yes, likely up the Hudson.  At long last, we reached a mountain rode that wound from one end of the lake at Interlaken to the other end at Brienz.  We took that rode home to see some of the landscape.  Above us, the Alps rose so majestically that I found my mouth open.  The heights were unlike anything I have seen in years.  I grew up in Southern California (capitalized because it is truly its own state even though northern California is always hating on us haha).  Out there are plenty of incredible mountains, and even the Rockies are just a couple of states over.  But maybe because I am enamored with the fact that I am in Switzerland do these mountains seem that much more hypnotic and breathtaking and all around ass-kickerific.  Yes, that is a word.  No, not really, but it should be, so I am making it one.  Thanks.

The rest of the day felt short-lived as on this second full day here I realize how short the days are.  Already with the constant inflow of clouds and fog and with impossibly high reach of mountains, the sun does not shine directly down for very long before vanishing again.  But the sun sank around five o’clock, typical in NYC, but here where time does not seem to exist (ironic, in the land of watches), the day felt much shorter than normal.  As such we were chased by the dark and the cold back to the house where we milled about online again, downloaded a movie on iTunes, chided each other for being online, laughed about that again, and spent the rest of the night making and eating dinner, which was a large pizza with cheese, prosciutto, and additional chorizo we bought and added.  I really wanted a beer with the pizza, but that was not to be.

As my sleep had been interrupted, jump-started, and then ended that morning, my eyes drooped uncontrollably at some point, and I found myself nodded off.  That probably was not the best since it would disrupt my sleeping pattern and delay any cures of jetlag, but when the lids droop so powerfully, one does not consider jet lag cures.  One considers only the many comfortable ways to tangle oneself up in thick, warm blankets.

I did take a nap, and when I woke, I found my friend online again.  I laughed, called him some name, but I could not blame him.  I had after all abandoned hanging out in pursuit of fatigue relief, to put it dramatically.  Nonetheless, with the dropout of the Internet signal, the movie did not finish completely, so we watched a movie I forgot was still on my laptop.  Around midnight we clambered into our beds and died for the night.

© Copyright 2009 Matt Lawrence


~ by Matt Lawrence on December 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “Switzerland, Day Three”

  1. Yeah … don’t waste your time on-line while you are travelling! As much as we’d love to experience your adventures vicariously through your writings, I can probably wait for you to upload your entries until after your return. Meanwhile, save your legs cuz you may need them if you are gonna climb the Kolner Dom (if you haven’t already.)

  2. The mountains have this talent of shortening your days but you can’t fault them because their beauty is alluring and their magic never-ending. I am sure the Swiss Alps did their best to amaze you and make your stay phenomenal. You know how much I love mountains and all their gloriousnessness. Just having them surround you, ruling the sky is unexplainable to those who have only existed in the flatlands of the mid-west or the Florida swamps. I so envy you that you got to breathe in the Alps. I was so close but still within the bordering confines of Germany and Austria. I look forward to hearing more about your time there and seeing pix! I believe going there did you a world of good and you were able to become renewed, whole even! Bae!

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